Our Mission

To improve the way that ophthalmologists remotely and dynamically examine, diagnose, and monitor patients with eye conditions

Our Unique Advantages

  • Immediate Care from Ophthalmologists
  • Increased Access to Ophthalmologist for Everyone
  • Reduced Risk of Complications
  • Improved Rate of Correct diagnosis

Meet The Team

Meet our dedicated team who will be bringing this project to life!

Oliver Wu MartinezBSc, MSc student

Oliver Wu Martinez
BSc, MSc student

Chief Operating Officer

Anatomy & Cell Biology

Jeremy ZwaigBSc, MSc student

Jeremy Zwaig
BSc, MSc student

Chief Executive Officer

Business & Management

Angela WongBEng

Angela Wong

Chief Technical Officer


Athy Ambikkumar

Athy Ambikkumar
BSc,  MD student

Chief Software Engineer

Computer Science, Medicine

Dr. Leonard LevinMD, PHD

Dr. Leonard Levin

Chief Scientific Officer

Ophthalmologist & Clinician-Scientist

Kiamehr Rahemipour BSc. MSc.

Kiamehr Rahemipour BSc. MSc.

Optics and Imaging Research Engineer

Physiology, Biotechnology

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