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Improving Access
to Eye Care

We are a Montréal-based MedTech start-up aiming to revolutionize eye care by developing systems for remote examination, diagnosis and patient monitoring.

There is a lack of access to ophthalmologists. Remote eye examinations would help alleviate this burden, however, no high-quality method for remotely examining the front of the eye exists.

In Canada, 29% of census areas lack an opthalmologist. In the United States, 97.4% of rural counties lack an opthalmologist

Our solution offers remote and asynchronous eye exams that leverage the power of AI to assist ophthalmologists. This improves access to eye care for people in rural communities, senior homes, intensive care units, emergency rooms, and beyond. Additionally, our innovation improves eye disease monitoring, while saving patients and doctors time and money. Learn more about our vision for the future of eye care.

Image acquisition
Image processing
Feature detection and generation of likelihood score
Virtual examination