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Our Vision

At Remote Optical, we believe that no one should miss out on crucial care because they are unable to see a specialist in-person. We aim to make remote, asynchronous eye exams available to all.

Ophthalmologists are eye care specialists with years of training seeing complex eye disorders. Thus, it is critical that they be the ones to promptly diagnose and treat patients’ eyes.

18% of canadians live in rural settings, but are served by only 8% of physicians.

Rural Canadians must often travel over 90 km to see the nearest ophthalmologist.

Ophthalmologists can support decision-making over the phone and using cell phone camera images.

Patients are often referred to an ophthalmologist for an in-person examination because cell phone images do not capture the 3D complexities of the eye.

But ophthalmologist visits are not practical or timely for many patients, leading to misdiagnosis or delayed treatment when an ophthalmologist cannot be seen.

Hence, we are developing…

Digitally replicates an in-person exam, allowing access to necessary eye care regardless of proximity to a specialist.

Improves intervention time in emergency situations by connecting the patient more rapidly to a specialist.

Decreases unnecessary in-person referrals, saving patients and healthcare providers time, money and effort.